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Priveq acquires Plint


Priveq Investment becomes the new majority owner of Plint

Censor has on behalf of the owners acted as advisor and project manager in connection with the change of ownership when Priveq Investment becomes new majority owner in Plint AB.



Plint AB

Plint offers tech-enabled services for cloud-based me­dia localization, workflow management and orchestra­tion based on its software Plint Core. The company has had a very strong growth – over the last five years it has grown over 2,000 percent. The customers mainly consist of international media companies, broadcasters and other well-known global companies. The company has offices in Gothenburg, Borås and Los Angeles. In 2019, Plint had a turnover of approximately SEK 241 million with good profitability.



Priveq Investment

Priveq Investment is a leading Swedish private equity company focused on small and medium-sized companies with growth potential. Priveq has a good history of building and transforming its investments into national and international industry leaders.