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Acquisitions – buying companies


What are the driving forces linked to the owners' growth ambitions?

Whether the ambition is to grow faster than the market or to complement and strengthen the business in various ways, acquisitions can be a natural way to create growth. However, what are the necessary prerequisites when undertaking an acquisition-based growth strategy? Carrying out such a strategy can take place when an opportunity presents itself or through systematic work in finding acquisition opportunities. Regardless of which path you choose, there are good reasons to work in a structured and methodical way that ensure the quality of a resource-efficient process.

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A process in two phases and five steps

Conducting systematic acquisition work requires planning, preparation, relevant skills and time. In addition, you will invariably need a well-proven process that ensures resource-efficient and qualitative work from start to finish. Therefore, we have divided our process for change of ownership into two phases and five steps, all with a logical connection and clear value creation from start to finish.