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Change of ownership

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners plan, prepare and implement ownership changes. We take overall responsibility for the process of securing a new owner for your company - regardless of whether it is a planned change of ownership with a short or long-term horizon, or through a so-called 'surprise offer'.


Ownership planning & succession matters

In order to create both professional and a harmonious ownership climate, it is important to ensure unity and clarity in ownership matters. It can also be valuable to be proactive and allow yourself the time to consider a succession plan that guarantees a successful change of ownership, both for the company and for the owners.


Acquisitions – buying a company

If growth is on the owners' agenda, acquisitions can be an attractive alternative in addition to organic growth. How could an acquisition complement and strengthen the company based on the vision and strategy? Among other things, we can help with the planning that goes into an acquisition process - from practical preparations and identifying/contacting interesting companies – through to conducting an acquisition dialogue until the acquisition is successfully completed.


Financial advice

Financial advice can be highly relevant in several different situations linked to a change of ownership. We have extensive experience in this area and can, among other things, provide help and advice with financial analysis, company valuation as well as preparations for a forthcoming change of ownership. We can also provide specialist advice in connection with a so-called ‘surprise offer’ for the company.