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Sobro acquires Stop Digging


Sluta Gräv (Stop Digging) takes in Sobro as a new partner for continued expansion

Stop Digging strengthens the conditions for increased growth and a global presence and includes Sobro as a new majority owner in the company. Sobro, together with existing owners, will continue the company's rapid expansion in the market.

Censor has on behalf of the seller acted as financial advisor and project manager in connection with the change of ownership when Sobro acquired a stake in Stop Digging.

slutagrav byggare


Sluta Gräv AB

Sluta Gräv (Stop Digging) is an innovative company in the construction industry that offers a modern and cost-effective ground anchorage with self-developed ground screws. Stop Digging is an international player located in 12 countries and has 150 authorized partners around the world. The company has a clear agenda towards a more innovative, sustainable, and circular construction, which has proven to be a successful concept in the market. Stop Digging has had a rapid growth journey and grew by 60 percent in 2021 compared with the previous year.

sluta grav sobro


Sobro AB

Sobro was founded in 2007 by the brothers Ragnar and Per-Olof Söderberg with the ambition to support the business’ passion. Sobro’s vision is to be a committed partner for the companies of the future. Through business acumen, focus on corporate culture and employees as well as clear goals, Sobro is involved in building profitable companies with good growth and lasting values. In addition to Stop Digging, Sobro is also a partner in ByggDialog, Dafo Vehicle, Elastx, Mercur, NCS Color, Retune, Road Rental, Tengbom, Vinnergi and Zington.