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Nobina acquires Samtrans

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Nobina makes strategic acquisition of Samtrans

Censor has on behalf of the owners acted as advisor in connection with the change of ownership when Nobina AB acquired Samtrans Skol- och Handikapptransporter Stockholm AB (”Samtrans”).



Samtrans AB

Samtrans is the leader in special public transport in the Stockholm market and specializes in carrying out, administering and coordinating travel for people with special needs (wheelchair taxi and special transport service) as well as school and hospital transport in special vehicles. The company has approximately 175 transporters connected – with a total of 750 vehicles, and in 2017 had a total annual turnover of 746 million SEK.



Nobina (publ)

Nobina is the largest and most experienced bus operator in the Nordic region. Nobina ensures that over one million people attend daily work, school or other activities by delivering public transport on behalf of society in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The company has sales of over SEK 9 billion and has more than 11,000 employees headquartered in Solna, Stockholm.