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Completed transactions

We specialize in owner-driven companies, both when we help customers to sell or acquire companies – companies with a company value of approx. 50-1,000 million SEK. Below you can find examples of the transactions we have completed since 2004. In addition to these, we have complete a further 20 transactions in our previous roles as board members, business executives and investment managers. Last but not least, we have experience from a number of different industries and sectors, for example:

  • January 2022

    SELL-SIDE Vestum acquires KvalitetsMark

    January 2021

    SELL-SIDE Vestum acquires the MCR companies

    December 2021

    SELL-SIDE Sobro acquires Sluta Gräv

    November 2021

    SELL-SIDE J2L acquires Techship

    July 2021

    SELL-SIDE ECU Worldwide acquires Nordicon

    July 2021

    SELL-SIDE VA Ingenjörerna is sold to EnviDan

    June 2021

    SELL-SIDE Inducore acquires Gehab

    May 2021

    SELL-SIDE Semcon acquires Squeed

    May 2021

    Sell-side Assemblin acquires JW Rörservice

    April 2021

    SELL-SIDE Visma acquires Viskan System

    December 2020

    SELL-SIDE Storskogen acquires IVEO

    November 2020

    SELL-SIDE Fellowmind acquires DQC

    July 2020

    Sell-side Assemblin acquires Botkyrka VVS et al.

    May 2020

    Sell-side Priveq acquires Plint

    April 2020

    SELL-SIDE Visma acquires Specter

    March 2020

    Sell-side Herenco acquires Miljöhallen AB

    January 2020

    Sell-side JCE acquires Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB

    December 2019

    Sell-side Båstad-Gruppen acquires Sandryds

    October 2019

    Sell-side Volati acquires Väggmaterial i Sverige AB

    September 2019

    Sell-side Storskogen invest in Riviera Markiser & Persienner AB

    July 2019

    Sale Storskogen invests in Baldacci AB

    April 2019

    Sale Indutrade acquires Acumo and ACS

    March 2019

    Sale Escape Travel Group acquires Prima Travel

    Jan 2019

    Sale Haven Cyber Technologies acquires Onevinn

    Nov 2018

    Sale Awardit acquires Crossroads

    June 2018

    Sale Remondis acquires Infinitum Recycling

    June 2018

    Sale Nobina acquires Samtrans

    May 2018

    Sale Jakobsdals Charkuteri carries out an ownership concentration

    May 2018

    Sale VIA Equity acquires minority stake in GleSYS

    January 2018

    SALE The North Alliance acquires Evidence Strategy

    December 2017

    SALE Orango acquires Itero

    October 2017

    Sale Addtech acquires Sensor ECS

    June 2017

    Sale Midroc Electro acquires Skandia Elmontage AB

    May 2017

    Sale SQLI acquires Star Republic

    May 2017

    Sale Den Harthog Logistics acquires Bulkcon

    April 2017

    Sale Preato Capital acquires Tage Lindblom

    April 2017

    Sale Valedo Partners acquires BRP Systems

    April 2017

    New share issue Ernström & C:O investing in LS Technologies

    Mars 2017

    MBO GJ Holding acquires remaining shares in Glesys

    Mars 2017

    Sale Hultafors Group acquires Puvab

    December 2016

    Sale Vätterledens Invest acquires Qualisys

    December 2016

    Sale Scandinavian Business Seating acquires Malmstolen

    December 2016

    Sale Addtech acquires Sensor Control Nordic

    December 2016

    Sale OMC Holding acquires Orust Marin Center

    November 2016

    Sale Anonymous investors acquires a minority stake in Novator

    November 2016

    Sale Radixx International Inc. acquires Ezy Webwerkstaden

    July 2016

    Sale Bergkvarnabuss acquires Sohlberg Buss

    June 2016

    Sale Lagercrantz Group acquires GasiQ

    Mars 2016

    Sale Addlife acquires V-Tech and Esthe-Tech

    Mars 2016

    Acquisition Ongoing advisory

    February 2016

    Sale EET Europarts acquires Barex

    January 2016

    Sale Örneborgs Delikatesser acquires Majonäsfabriken

    November 2015

    Sale Addtech acquires Powermec

    October 2015

    New share issue Inlandsinnovation investing in Branäsgruppen

    May 2015

    Sale Mellby Gård Innovation & Tillväxt AB acquires Chevalier Sweden

    June 2015

    Sale Erik Selin and Mattias Samuelsson investing in Tommy Byggare

    May 2015

    Sale Orbicon A/S acquires Sandström Miljö & Säkerhetskonsult

    Mars 2015

    Sale Beijerinvest acquires Badia

    February 2015

    Sale Östersidan Förvaltning AB and Investment AB Klöverön investing in Intoit

    January 2015

    Sale Sequent Invest investing in Trivec

    October 2014

    Sale Vryhof Group aquires Moorlink

    Oktober 2014

    Sale Scandza AS acquires Bröderna Nilssons Kök

    June 2014

    Sale Memnon/Bridgepoint acquires Unifaun

    June 2014

    Acquisition Jetshop acquires Keycrunch AB

    Mars 2014

    Sale Sweco acquires Alfakonsult

    April 2014

    Sale Newly formed medical consortium acquires Kristianstad Kliniken

    January 2014

    Sale Atlas Copco acquires Geawelltech

    October 2013

    Sale Fasticon acquires Tom Hansson Bygg- och Fastighetsutveckling

    July 2013

    Sale Alignment Systems acquires TruckCam

    August 2013

    Acquisition Jetshop acquires e-butik

    July 2013

    Sale Jeeves Information Systems acquires Infocube

    April 2013

    Sale A group of investors becomes co-owners in Branäsgruppen

    September 2012

    Sale Beijerinvest acquires Fjäråskupan

    Juli 2012

    Acquisition Stampen Media Partner acquires Hello There

    May 2012

    Sale Brady Corporation acquires Runelandhs

    January 2012

    Sale AMS Technologies acquires Azpect Photonics

    January 2012

    Sale Gimmersta Gruppen acquires Sandberg Tyg & Tapet

    September 2011

    Sale Stampen Media Partner acquires Minnesota Communication

    Juni 2011

    Sale Icon Capital AS acquires M2 Retail Solutions

    February 2011

    Sale Together with management, Erik Selin AB and Christian Hahne acquires Alnova

    January 2012

    Sale Capio Närsjukvård acquires Göinge Kliniken

    December 2010

    Sale Addtech acquires A. Wendler

    August 2010

    Acquisition Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus acquires Mölndals Djurklinik

    September 2009

    Acquisition Knutsson Holdings acquires shares in Poseidon Diving Systems

    April 2009

    Sale Oy Lars Krogius AB acquires shares in Marconova Survey AB

    September 2009

    Sale The Riverside Company acquires Kaul GmbH and Capol UK Ltd.

    Mars 2009

    Sale Caperio acquires Plattform IT

    January 2009

    Sale Citec Engineering acquires KPA Engineering

    January 2008

    Sale Softronic AB acquires ISSI AB

    December 2007

    Acquisition Cordovan Group acquires Sällma AB

    Mars 2009

    Acquisition Ongoing advisory

    December 2007

    Acquisition OEM International acquires Klitsö Processtechnik A-S

    October 2007

    Sale Swensksundh acquires shares in Nordiq AB

    June 2007

    Sale Carema acquires Husläkarna

    October 2007

    Acquisition Stampen Media Partner acquires

    Mars 2007

    Sale Posten Norge acquires Customer View

    April 2007

    Sale Inwido acquires ABC Snickerier

    December 2006

    Sale Proffice acquires Plus4You

    November 2006

    Acquisition Ongoing advisory

    June 2006

    Acquisition Stampen Media Partner acquires

    June 2006

    Sale DP Scandinavia acquires Poseidon Diving Systems

    August 2006

    Acquisition Ongoing advisory

    February 2005

    Acquisition Ongoing advisory

    January 2005

    Acquisition Semcon acquires Propeller Industridesign AB