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Valedo acquires Gung


Valedo invests in Gung AB to build a leading software provider in B2B commerce

Censor has on behalf of the owners acted as advisor and project leader in connection with the change of ownership when Valedo Partners acquires a majority in Gung AB.



Gung AB

Gung offers an outstanding proprietary B2B e-commerce platform and PIM system, that digitizes and streamlines the customer's sales, order management and associated processes. The company was founded in 2015 and has customers such as Otto Olsen, Oscar Jacobson, Silvent, Didrikssons, HL Display and others.



Valedo Partners

Valedo is a financial owner who invest in businesses with clear growth and development potential. Valedo focuses on medium-sized businesses in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region, with sales around 100-500 million which are established and profitable, with clear and strong market positions in their respective niches.