A boundless network of international buyers | Censor M&A
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A boundless network of international buyers

As an important part of a change of ownership, it is essential to map and identify potential stakeholders for the target company. Our starting point is that mapping of the market is always done on the international arena - with approximately 50 percent of our transactions executed with foreign buyers.


Censor M&A – an integral part of an international network

Censor M&A is a co-owner and member of CFI – Corporate Finance International – a global group of M&A advisors in the field of ownership and acquisition. In this way, we can offer our services in ownership planning, ownership change as well as acquisitions, in close cooperation with our CFI partners on the international market.


Over 250 advisors operating in 18 countries

CFI’s members and employees work closely together to provide customers with the best possible support, relevant skills and resources in implementing ownership changes or acquisitions on a global arena. With over 250 advisors and specialists working together in 18 countries, we can ensure that our customers receive the best advice and support the assignment requires.


A global network of buyers

CFI has an extensive network of potential stakeholders, both industrial and financial players. Censor interacts centrally or with each individual CFI member with the aim of identifying potential buyers in each country – always in line with the wishes and goals of our customers.

16 specialized sector teams

With 16 specialized sector teams where solid and relevant expertise exists in each given sector – CFI has carried out a large number of company transactions in each sector where valuable contacts and experience are readily available. CFI is currently working in the following sectors: