Censor M&A
Till toppen av sidan knapp

An advisor with a genuine understanding of owner-led companies

Censor is a M&A boutique advising in ownership matters and managing transactions for small and medium sized companies.


The team behind Censor has a background as entrepreneurs and company owners. This enables us to have a great understanding of our customers’ ambitions and objectives when, for example, a change of ownership or acquisition is on the agenda. Since 2004, we have worked as advisors in ownership issues and have operations in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö.

Experience from over 100 company transactions

Our expertise and experience is not merely based on over 100 company transactions in a wide variety of industries and on an international arena. It is also based on our experience as company executives, board members as well as listed company and international business advisors. All in all, we have the type of background that enables us to fully understand our clients’ situation, ambitions and goals – irrespective of what is on their strategic agenda.


Change of ownership – a four-step process

Our processes and working methods have been developed over a long period of time and are primarily suited to owner-led companies. Such methods are based on a highly-structured and quality-assured process complemented by financial expertise, extensive negotiation experience, creativity and good communication skills. Every single stage where we are present in the process must clearly create value for both our clients and/or interested parties who either wish to sell or buy a company.


Moreover, every customer assignment is unique. Based on our established working methods, we nevertheless always endeavour to adapt our efforts based on the challenges of the specific assignment together with the client’s ambitions and goals.