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Advisors and specialists since 2004

As advisors with expertise based on our own experience of owning, operating and selling our own businesses, we have a genuine understanding of owner-led companies and since 2004, have worked as advisors and specialists in ownership matters and managing transactions. Based on structured processes, we tailor our assignments with the aim of achieving optimal results - whether it be a change of ownership or an acquisition.

Understanding our customers’ situation, ambitions and goals

Our platform as an advisor rests on a genuine understanding of owner-led companies and entrepreneurship – a platform built on real-life experience of owning, operating, buying and selling our own businesses.

Through our experience as entrepreneurs and company owners, we have every opportunity to understand our clients’ needs, ambitions and goals – whether it be selling a person’s life’s work, growing through acquisitions, formulating an owner’s directive or valuing companies. Above all though, we have acted as an advisor and project manager in a large number of company transactions and in a variety of industries.

By combining understanding and experience of entrepreneurship and ownership matters, with sound financial skills and extensive experience from a large number of business deals – Censor can offer the skills and resources that a change of ownership or acquisition requires in order to achieve optimal results.

As an advisor, we take responsibility for the entire process from start to finish, whether it be business transactions in the form of ownership changes or acquisitions. However, it is important to point out that in matters relating to a change of ownership, we are more than just a business broker – we take far greater responsibility in the preparation and planning work and always contact potential stakeholders exclusively with a clear acquisition proposal.

Corporate finance? M&A? Business broker?

Large-sized transactions: Advisor, often in connection with a stock exchange listing OR large business transactions with a value often over one billion SEK.


Medium-sized transactions: Advisors on ownership issues and business transactions. Censor M&A operates in this segment – owner-led companies with a company value of approximately 40 million SEK up to a 1,000 million SEK.


Smaller-sized transactions: Business brokers focusing on smaller business transactions with a transaction value between 1 million SEK up to approx. 60 million SEK.

Our way of working

Our way of working is based on a quality-assured and structured process. With proven financial and negotiation skills we also combine creativity with good communication skills. Every single stage we operate in must have clear value creation for our clients and for those interested parties who either wish to sell or buy a company.

Target audience

Our target audience is primarily owner-led companies i.e. companies owned and run by entrepreneurs and which have a company value of approximately 40 to 1,000 million SEK. We have experience from assignments in many different sectors such as:

  • Industrial; engineering and manufacturing
  • Trading companies and agency operations
  • IT/Tech & Software
  • Consumer; e.g. the food industry
  • Business service companies